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At Macallan, our technicians specialize in all areas of plumbing from installation, maintenance, and repair our team does it all! Our professionally trained technicians arrive in vehicles stocked with water heater parts in order to get your issue resolved quickly and efficiently. If you encounter odd noises when the water is running or simply a lack of hot water, you can rely on us to get you up and running quickly.

Leaking water heater?

The location of the leak plays a major role on whether your tank is repairable or must be replaced.

If your tank is leaking from a pipe attached to the very top or the side of the water heater that runs down to the wall or floor and to the outside also known as the temperature pressure relief valve and overflow pipe, you may not need to do anything. 

If the water is coming out of the pipe itself, this means the tank is under extreme pressure or it may be way too hot inside and has released the water for safety. This may be due to 2 problems, incoming pressure too high or tank is overheating.  If the leak is coming from a connection outside the tank, it should be able to be repaired.

If the leak is coming from the bottom of the tank or seems to be coming out from underneath it, this means the internal tank has cracked and needs to be replaced.

No hot water?

When you take a shower, bath, or simply use a faucet and notice there is no hot water, this can mean a few different things. Check to make sure no one else in the household used up all the hot water. If this is not the case, your pilot light may simply be out. The pilot on a water heater stays on continuously and helps with turning on the burner when the thermostat in the water heater senses that the water in the tank is not at the set temperature. There is a lot more mechanics that go into this, but for simplicity’s sake this is how it typically works. If your pilot light is out, the first thing you should do is re-light the pilot

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    There are many factors to consider when pricing a water heater system. Anyone who attempts to quote a system for your home without a thorough inspection is just looking to lock you in as a customer before the final price is given. Each home is different, and each homeowner has unique needs. We will help you evaluate the functions you need for your family and discuss the system that fits your budget. We’ll give you a fair price on the best system for your home.
    With nearly four decades of service in the Los Angeles area, our company has stood the test of time. You know we will be here today, tomorrow, and the day after to address any problems you may have. Read our testimonials page and learn what other people, like you, say about us. We believe we provide the most reliable, safest, and most courteous service you can find in the Los Angeles area.
    Some customers will see an Ad online and assume servicing a water heater is simple. Everything is possible, however, few people have the knowledge to be able to accurately get the job done right. Todays systems are very sensitive, and are very technical. We recommend getting a professional to install it to get the job done right!
    It is recommended to service your water heater unit at least once a year to ensure it is functioning properly and efficiently. Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your unit and prevent costly repairs. A professional Fleetwell technician can inspect and clean the unit, check for leaks, and flush out any sediment that may have accumulated in the tank. It is also important to keep an eye on the unit and address any issues or unusual noises as soon as they arise.
    No. We don’t provide the lowest cost but we do provide a fair price for the level of service we offer. The true cost of a low-end provider is the inconvenience of scheduling, repeat calls, and unsatisfactory results. To be honest, some of our customers told us they called “Cheap Charlie” first. Then, after what looked like a low cost, they still had problems, couldn’t get them solved, and finally called us to fix it right. A few extra dollars now saves time, effort, and money in the long run.

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