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Is your air conditioner not keping you cool? Maybe it's beyond repair and may need replacement.

Air conditioning problems are inconvenient but inevitable. Eventually, every air conditioning system will run into trouble and need repair. You need a qualified HVAC technician to perform a thorough inspection, test the system, and provide an accurate assessment of the problem. Often, air conditioning problems can be repaired when the trouble is with one component and the system is not too old.

When the air conditioner is near the end of its life, needs frequent repairs, or no longer keeps the home sufficiently cool, your technician may recommend replacement. The benefits of upgrading the air conditioner include improved comfort, energy efficiency, fewer breakdowns, and lower home cooling costs.

Before buying a new air conditioner, consider the: 

  • Type of system – There are two main types of central air conditioning systems: split air conditioning systems, and packaged systems. A split system has the condenser unit outdoors and the evaporator inside the house. A packaged system has the components in one metal cabinet. You may also want to consider heat pumps if you want one system that will both warm and cool your home.
  • Size – The air conducting unit needs to be the right size for your home to effectively remove heat and humidity from the air. When the system is too large for the house, it may not sufficiently control the humidity levels and cost more to run. Your technician can perform load calculations to determine the proper size unit for your home.
  • SEER rating – The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER, provides insight into the energy efficiency of an air conditioner. A higher SEER rating indicates better energy efficiency. Over the life of the system, you can save a significant amount of money with a higher SEER rating.

Cost – A new air conditioning system is an investment, so the price is naturally a consideration. Be sure to consider both the upfront price and the operating costs, as a more energy-efficient system that costs a little more may cost less over time with lower utility bills.

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    There are many factors to consider when pricing a cooling system. Anyone who attempts to quote a system for your home without a thorough inspection is just looking to lock you in as a customer before the final price is given. Each home is different, and each homeowner has unique needs. We will help you evaluate the functions you need for your family and discuss the system that fits your budget. We’ll give you a fair price on the best system for your home.
    With nearly four decades of service in the Los Angeles area, our company has stood the test of time. You know we will be here today, tomorrow, and the day after to address any problems you may have. Read our testimonials page and learn what other people, like you, say about us. We believe we provide the most reliable, safest, and most courteous service you can find in the Los Angeles area.
    Some customers will see an Ad online and assume installing a unit is simple. Everything is possible, however, few people have the knowledge in refrigeration, CFM pressurization on air ducts, and a head load analysis to be able to accurately get the job done right. Todays units are very sensitive, and are very technical. We recommend getting a professional to install it to get the job done right!
    Some of the best indicators that you need a new furnace include increasing operating costs, frequent repairs, and cracks or structural damage. If you are concerned about your system for these or any other reasons, our technicians will be happy to provide an inspection and determine if this is the right time to replace your furnace. We’ve installed many furnace units in our nearly forty years. We can service all makes and brands, and our recommendations for new units include only those we believe will provide the most years of reliable service. While conditions and wear and tear will play a role in the life of any heating system, a typical lifespan for a furnace in the Los Angeles area is 15-20 years.
    No. We don’t provide the lowest cost but we do provide a fair price for the level of service we offer. The true cost of a low-end provider is the inconvenience of scheduling, repeat calls, and unsatisfactory results. To be honest, some of our customers told us they called “Cheap Charlie” first. Then, after what looked like a low cost, they still had problems, couldn’t get them solved, and finally called us to fix it right. A few extra dollars now saves time, effort, and money in the long run.

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